Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome Fall!

Our (somewhat new, but lasting - in my mind) tradition for the weekend of the autumnal equinox is to bid the summer goodbye with a final trip to the ocean.  This year, however, due to full schedules, lack of funds, and assorted other snafus, the trip didn't come together.  (Yes, I realize that missing a year of a "new yearly tradition" makes it not really a tradition. Yet.  You'll'll see...)

So we ushered autumn in at getting to work...because after the carefree days of summer, fall inspires work, does it not?

We have a lot of outdoor things we would like to begin this summer to achieve some goals for next spring: move and enlarge our garden space, build a compost bin, build a woodshed, build a chicken coop and figure out the best place for it to be.... The list goes on and on, but these are some of the more pressing things...which then lead to us having to cut and move a lot of wood, and clear and turn a bunch of land.  Now is the time to begin.

We are also starting to take baby steps toward making the inside of our house a little more lovely in the near future.

The girls' room has a new, cozy look - one that with some minor adjustments is probably here to stay for many years.  We even hung something on the wall!

Slow and steady wins the race...

And at the end of the weekend we still had time enough to bid our farewell to summer...with fifteen first-graders and their families.

Welcome autumn! So glad you are here!

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