Sunday, October 14, 2012

Memories of Summer: SEVEN!


What can we say about seven?  We're not sure yet, but so far seven seems like a great age.  Emerson is more of a person--more astute, more present, more clever--but still a little girl who can tie a rope around her waist and spontaneously become a pony--Ophelia at the reins, leading her down the hall.

What can we say about a seven-year-old birthday party? Let's just say the word "pirate" springs to mind.


After last year's party, I was ready to call it quits with big parties, but Emerson insisted that her party this year wold be "even BIGGER!"  Sure enough, this year Emerson wanted to invite her whole class (15 kids), and then some...and of course I said yes...because it's her birthday, and because summer is a festive time of year, (and because I knew a lot of people would be travelling).  Like her last three birthdays, however, somehow most everyone on the list seemed to have made it, and like the last years it was a wild and crazy time, and I was too busy running around to take very many photos.  Emerson had a great time though, and so did the other kids.  All we really needed was a board on a rolling log ("the plank") and a hunt for buried treasure. (I highly recommend this last event for any party with children.  The children were intent on their search and out of the adults hair for at least a solid half-hour.  If it hadn't started raining and we didn't step in with some hints, they might be searching still...)

It was a little lonely without my dad, although Emerson's friend did stay late again this year to sing the "stinky cheese" song and make stinky cheese out of mud.  A pretty moving homage, I'd say.

What can we say about eight, you ask?  The words "small" and "sleepover" sound good to me.  But if you ask Emerson, she might have other plans... And after all, it's her day.

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