Monday, March 21, 2011

Sugar Snow

It's the day before spring - one more day left to make snowflakes!  Sugaring time is upon us - time to celebrate the warmer side of winter, and our first local crop.  It's the perfect season this year - cold at night, warm during the day so the sap flows, and there is still snow on the ground - as it should be when we make our anual trip to the sugar shack.

Some people consider fresh sap to be a tonic for the body, a spring-cleaner of sorts.  I would have loved to baptize myself in this bucket of sap, and drink away my sins.  Maybe another time...

but this time I had to settle for my last supper (or breakfast in this case) before my own personal lent.

I love this time of year.  The sun is waking up from its slumber, coaxing daffodils to poke their heads out of the snow.  Days are getting warmer, pussy willows bloom.  Last week the girls and I were outside digging tunnels in the snow.  Each hole we dug soon filled up with tiny bugs - snow fleas, we called them.  Life is creeping and crawling again.

Snow - we're still covered here,but w'ere slowing finding bare spots.
A perfect season for walks to the "water drop" for some sailing.

On a sunny day - the first day of spring - we hang our snowflakes to celebrate the last days of winter.

Low and behold, the next morning - sugar snow!

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