Saturday, February 12, 2011

Official Name Change - Drumroll Please...

Let's face it. The blog needs a new title, and the time is now. It has been about a year and a half since I started this "home renovation" blog. It has been about a year and four months since this blog held any relevancy to home renovation. What's taken me so long? I was just waiting for some inspiration. And tonight - as I was reading - it hit. It took the form of Ordinary.

"Ordinary days are the sustaining notes of daily life. They are the notes that allow high notes to be high and low notes to be low; they provide tone and texture. If a [person's] happiness is not hinged on the high notes - not hinged on exceptional events or having exceptional talents - then they have a true gift. An exceptional character. They may be able to live their life with an appreciation for the moment, for the simple pleasures of an ordinary day. Loving something for its own sake - not for its potential in fame or glory -is far from ordinary. It's an extraordinary gift. Can you imagine anything better?"

Thank you Kim John Payne. No, I cannot.

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