Sunday, October 11, 2009

So what do I write in my blog about home renovation when no home renovating is going on?

I could start with my most fantastic news of the week - my advancement in one football pool, due to my stellar gut instincts, and my survival in another, due to my diligent reading of statistics. I've decided to take my family's financial situation by the horns and save us all by gambling. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of that.

So let's see... what were our goals for this week? Joint compound the closet and ceiling? No. Applesauce and apple pie? No. We didn't do any of that. To our credit, we had to rush O to the emergency room Wednesday night when she woke up sounding possessed and gasping for breath. It turned out to be croup. (Read--scary.) I know it's a common illness for children, but tell me that when your kid's chest is contracting and she sounds like a cross between an aggressive seal and the devil in The Exorcist. I joke now, but it really was horrible. She is still really congested and coughing as I type, and I'm worried about it turning into pneumonia, among other things. She's been a trouper through it though. Happy and into everything, as usual. All I can hope is that she wakes up tomorrow feeling better.

What we did get done around the house this week was due to the fact that Matty took the day off Thursday to recuperate from the night before. He put joint compound on the closet walls while I was at the pediatrician and mowed the lawn for--hopefully--the last time until spring. Although you wouldn't know it to look at it. We are buried in leaves here.

Anyway, we did do some fun things this weekend. Enjoying the small things are so much more important that getting things done.

Now I have to figure out some way to make a few hundred dollars magically appear in my bank account by the end of the week to pay the chimney sweep who's coming over tomorrow. I'll leave this week's agenda open, and hope for some headway.

And as a side note - good thing we baby-proofed last weekend.


  1. hey chavo, thanks for the comments. yes that was mary and drew that we visited that time but since then things got weird...he caught her sleeping with one of their mexican cooks and left her and the restaurant I guess, she remarried some other dude and still has the restaurant. I looked at the bert's website recently and she is on their with this other guy in the restaurant...weird.

    Nice blog, by the way.