Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome, Bunnies!

No, not real bunnies, if that's what you were thinking. My dad came down the day after Ophelia's birthday with gifts that only a grandfather could bring. (Plastic, and immensely popular) Little bunnies, and a little bunny house - our first experience with Calico Critters. Of course, Ophelia had a marginal interest in them, but Emerson scooped them up right away, and played with them (intently and silently) for two straight days, after which she asked for us to play along too.

I have a strong resistance towards plastic toys, and my first reaction was that I would get rid of them as soon as they went out of fashion, but as time went by, I realized what a joy they were to Emerson. Playing with small toys is her thing, and she loves animals. Why should I take a toy away just because I'm fixated on natural things? And they are not really that bad. They are kind-of cute - MUCH better than so many things out there - and all the other dolls are really loving their new neighbors....

They even celebrated Thanksgiving together.

The dolls have also welcomed some gnomes to the neighborhood -Emerson has been making gnomes and mice at school.
And together they have been burrowing into their winter home:

note the Christmas tree here - Emerson wrapped some tissue paper with yarn for tiny gifts.
Can people burrow too? Why not?

I love this little world!

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  1. You should show the perspective of how it looks in the whole sofa. Too cute!