Sunday, November 1, 2009

Add ImageBefore I get started on this week, I'll just share some shots from last week. Two sick kids and craziness, but some good moments too.

Emerson's fever broke Halloween afternoon, so we were able to go out trick or treating. I ran out to Salvation Army and picked up some black clothes and glow-in-the-dark paint that afternoon in case she was feeling better, and we threw together a skeleton costume. Not one of the best I've come up with by any stretch of the imagination - the paint ran in the rain - but she was thrilled with it, and had a blast. It was so nice to see her happy after days of feeling so bad.
Here's a little flashback of a more organized Halloween. Same tights!

And while we were in Vermont, Matty tore the awful doors off our cabinets and painted them with a shellac cover used for fire damage. No more smell of rotten particle board.... now we just have to wait for that paint to come in. It was on back order in September, and still no sign of it. So this is what we will have to live with for a while. Nothing. Happens. Quickly.

One week and counting until Paul arrives from Australia! We thought we would have more done, and I think we would have, but things always take longer than we think. We thought we'd have both back bedrooms finished by now, but as it stands, we'll have to scramble to get one. Matty finished putting the joint compound on the closet and ceiling in our room, but the sanding has taken a lot longer than planned. He's put a few hours in, and still has a ways to go on the ceiling....

The dust is floating around the house, and I have to clean the first layer before it gets into our heating system.

That's about it for home renovation. We are so used to living with the mess that we have, it's going to feel decadent to have an entire other room.

Another obstacle in us getting stuff done this week has been Emerson. She is definitely going through something, and has been OBSTINATE all week. Every moment, and every action is a struggle for her (and me) and I really hope things settle down with her soon. Just little things like getting her to eat any meal, or get dressed has been a battle. It's so out of character for her, and just makes me wonder what is going on inside her. As a parent, I just want her to feel right, and I'm trying to be understanding, but it's really hard. REALLY hard. It's taking everything I have, which is why the blog is suffering. But that is parenthood. I'm hoping things turn around inside her soon, and I am able to help her work out whatever transformation is going on in there. We'll hope for a better week next week!

And we have our little Ophelia... climbing and smiling. Being silly as ever. And we have special drinks. And cheers!

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